10+5 YouTube Tech Channels You Should Visit

YouTube is one of the most popular services of our time. It hosts various videos of every kind, and you can find everything you would like to watch. But the truth is that sometimes its choices are so many that you don’t know where to start. Especially if you are a techie, there are thousands of channels on the platform. So, here is my list of Tech Channels you should visit and hopefully would help you. The order is random because I don’t see any reason to put them otherwise.

Gamers Nexus

English audience.

Tom’s Hardware

English audience.


English audience.


English audience.

The PC Security Channel

English audience.

Hardware Buster and Hardware Busters International

Greek (Hardware Buster) and English (International).

Hardware Unboxed

English audience.

The TechLads

Greek audience.


Greek audience.


Portuguese (Brazil) audience.


Deutch audience.

der8auer and der8auer EN

English (EN) and Deutch (der8auer) audience.

Chris Titus Tech

English audience.


These are 15 YouTube Tech Channels you should visit. Every one of them is well-regarded and respected in their field. Of course, the list is subjective and not complete. But what’s your opinion? Do you believe that I forgot to include a Channel? Please feel free to add your suggestion or list in the comment section.

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