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Time to replace my Gamemax RGB 1050W before it destroys my 4090

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I am lucky that I got a 4090, additionally it did not blow up! I am using a 120$ Gamemax 1050W RGB (Gold) that only came with 2 PCI-E cables. So how did I connect the 4090 you ask?  well... with only 2 PCI-E cables with pig-tails to ensure the Nvidia adapter has all the female inputs connected. I continued using the system for 2 - 3 days with light gaming (no benchmarking) I was not curious enough to see how much power it pulled at the time. Thankfully I had zero issues.

What made me unplug the 4090 and return to using my older GPU is a Youtube video of Jay2C stating that it is wrong connecting 2 PCI-E (Pig-tails) to the Nvidia adapter, in addition to the adapter melting Reddit posts. So I went to the old shop I got my cheap PSU from, and demanded that my 1000w+ PSU should of had two more PCI-E cables so that the 4090 can take all the power it needs

Once I got the 2 PCI-E needed (from a new same model PSU) to feed the 4090 with optimal power. I hesitated to re-install the 4090 as I got scared something bad would happen to my newly bought 2K $ GPU powered by a 120$ gamemax. And RMA would be hard as I am not located in EU/US. it just was not worth it.

After reading articles here on HB I learned alot of stuff! especially in the PSU side of things (Thanks to the guys at HardwareBusters)  😀 Did not know a good 750W PSU could pull more power than a 1000W e.g.

So I want a replacement to the Gamemax 1050W as it does not suffice. I recently got the Thermaltake PF1 1050W which was reviewed by crmaris. It is still in the return window and I did not open it yet. I ordered a native 12VHPWR cable from ThermalTake that should work with my new TT PF1 PSU, though no mention of "600W" on TT website which is odd.

So the new TT PF1 PSU I got is still sealed and I am debating on if I should return it or not, it is an excellent PSU with RGB (which would look really good in my case) but its weak point is transient response ''especially on the minor rails' according to crmaris's review of the PSU. Am I worrying too much? should I return it and get a more expensive TT 1550W TF1 (Titanium) or  GF1 1200W (Gold) ? I am limited to these options due to availability in my area..  I wish I could get a ATX 3.0 PSU.

Should I return my new TT PF1 and replace it to the other 2 mentioned PSUs?

my setup is: Lianli DK04 Desk case with a 12900K / 4090

Sorry for the long post
Thanks for reading.