psu clicking noise
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psu clicking noise

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Hello, I've brought recently a new PSU Be Quiet Power Supply 1200W ATX 24 pin Straight Power 11 Platinum Active-PFC.
Everything is perfect except one thing that worries a little, when I shut down my pc after a little while a very fade rapid clicking noise like a relay starting to sound, if I turn the PSU off from its switch when the stored power drains completely the sound stops after that I'm turning back on nothing is making noise, only if I turn on my pc and shut it down again after a while the noise starts again.
Is that normal? If yes, what is the purpose of this noise?


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Hi, this is the relay for the NTC thermistor, suppressing high inrush currents. It is nothing to worry about. 

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The inrush current relay only clicks once when the PC turns on, and once when it turns off.

To be clear, you are hearing a rapid, repetitive clicking sound only when the PSU is in standby?

Try enable ErP power setting in your BIOS.

If that doesn't help, I'd suggest contacting be Quiet! I don't believe this ticking is normal for a new power supply.