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Hello! Wanted to post this and get some feedback from the PSU masters! I'm kind of on the fence about buying either the MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 or the Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1200W(after reading the reviews here)... But now I'm wondering if waiting for the Seasonic Vertex line to release would be best? What do you guys recommend in this situation?


I have the RTX 4090 FE which I will be using to replace my 3090 in my 12900KS/ROG STRIX rig.

2 x 200MM intake fans

2 x 140mm secondary intake

1 x 420mm rad (6 140s push/pull exhaust)

2 x 360 rad custom loop.(9 fans, 1 push setup and 1 push/pull - both exhaust)

EK D5 / 200mm Res + distro

Currently running an EK block on my 3090 TUF OC.


I'd really appreciate the advice!

Thank you!

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I think is better to wait for Seasonic Vertex. Currently, is under Crmaris' evaluation. Otherwise both units are good for what u want them.