Mega Comparison: 17x 120mm Fans Tested on a Long Win Apparatus!

Utilizing my newest toy, a Long Win LW-9266 Fan PQ performance measurement apparatus, I thought to test all 120mm fans that I could find in the new lab. The results are interesting and will allow you to select the proper fan, for the use you want it. 

Fan testing is something that I always had in mind, but I lacked the proper instruments, so I had to wait till I was able to buy it. Now that I have the LW-9266, I plan to fully exploit it, hoping that through its use, I will get a part of the money I invested. Since I have it installed in the new lab, where I don’t have all of my stuff yet shipped, I evaluated all fans that I could find, with most of the popular models still left behind in the old lab. Once I have everything shipped and set up in the new lab, besides more fan tests, I will also have full noise measurements; besides the rest measurements, I can take now with the Long Win machine.


Cybenetics Coolers Database

Let’s look at the fans that had the chance first to meet the Long Win machine.

The Contenders:

  • Akasa Viper 120mm
  • be quiet Silent Wings 120mm
  • be quiet Pure Wings 2 120mm
  • Cooler Master FA12025L12LPT 120mm
  • Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm
  • DeepCool DF1202512CM-12 120mm
  • Enermax UCAPV12A Apollish Vegas 120mm
  • Enermax UCMA12 Magma 120mm
  • NoiseBlocker S-Series M12P 120mm
  • NoiseBlocker S-Series M12-S3 HS 120mm
  • NoiseBlocker S-Series M12-S2 120mm
  • NoiseBlocker Ultra Quiet XL2 120mm
  • Noiseblocker NB eLoop 120mm
  • Noctua NF-12SB
  • NZXT Aer P 120mm
  • Prolimatech Blue Vortex 12 120mm
  • Xigmatek PLA12025S12M-4

Results Screenshots

Before we go to the charts, which are easier to read, here are screenshots of all the detailed results for all of you who love details.

Performance Graphs


The highest CFM readings were from the NZXT Aer P 120mm, so this is the fan to get for chassis use. On the contrary, the Noiseblovker NB eLoop 120mm is the weakest fan among all seventeen models I tested.

The NZXT Aer P 120mm also wins in static pressure, having the highest reading at 2.87 mmAq. This means that this fan is also suitable for heatsinks and AIO radiators besides chassis use since it has the highest airflow. This is why NZXT has it installed on its AIO coolers.

The highest RPM speed is by the Xigmatek PLA12025S12M-4, followed closely by the NZXT Aer P 120mm, and third comes the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120mm.

Regarding power consumption, the most power-hungry fan is the Enermax Apollish Vegas because it is the only fan among all with LED lighting. The Xigmatek PLA12025S12M-4 comes second, and the DeepCool DF1202512CM-12 next.

In the next reviews, I will also work on having dBA values. We just finished the new lab’s hemi-anechoic chamber, but I haven’t brought the sound analyzer yet, so I couldn’t take any noise measurements.


Buy Be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120mm

Buy Noctua NF12

Buy Phanteks T30-120

Buy NZXT Aer P 120mm



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    1. I plan on doing more stuff. We moved to the new lab two months ago, and there were so many things to deal with. Now that I am slowly starting to get back to schedule, I will do more fan reviews.

  1. Please test Arctic P12 and P14 along with Lian Li’s Stock 140mm fans which comes pre-installed with the Lian Li Lancool iii RGB and non RGB

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