DeepCool Assassin IV Review – Can it beat the Noctua NH-D15?

Box, Contents & Bundle

The large box provides good protection since it has space foamers at its internals, covering the heatsink.


All necessary parts to install the block on all popular CPU sockets are provided, including a special screwdriver and a thermal grease tube. There is also a plastic bracket should you want to install a third fan.

The cooler looks like a box. To some, this might look appealing, while others might not like it so much. It is enormous, but the black color hides the size to a degree, at least. The top cover is magnetic, and you can easily remove it to install or remove the middle fan. The seven heatpipes cover the entire block, ensuring the lowest possible temperatures.

The fan’s bracket allows the adjustment to two height levels to address compatibility issues with mainboards with tall heatsinks on their VRMs.

The optional fan bracket, allows for multiple height adjustment levels, because this fan is at the front, where the RAM modules are installed.

Through this switch, you can adjust the fan speed to two levels, low and high.

You will need a long screwdriver to access the screws to mount the cooler. Thankfully, one is provided in the bundle.

The cooler’s fans are installed in opposite directions to each other, which looked weird to me at first. Apparently, the heatsink’s design works better with the fans mounted like this. The center fan has 140mm diameter, while the second fan is smaller, with 120mm diameter.


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