Cooler Master MasterAir MA824 Stealth Review – Is it the best Air Cooler?

Box, Contents & Bundle

The large box provides good protection since it has space foamers at its internals, covering the heatsink.

All necessary parts to install the block on all popular CPU sockets are provided, including a screwdriver and a Y-cable. There is also a plastic bracket should you want to install a third fan.

The cooler is large, and the black color slightly hides its dimensions. At the front side, the heatsink is raised to be compatible with taller RAM heatsinks. At the top side, the cover forces the airflow to pass through the heatsink’s fins, improving performance. The top screws on top connect to the bottom screws, helping you install the cooler easily on the socket. This is a great idea, which I would like to see in other coolers, too, where you have to use a long screwdriver and also remove the middle fan, to reach the bottom screws.

Eight heatpipes go through the block, covering its entire midsection. The block is large, but the heatpipes don’t cover its entire base since that is unnecessary. You only need heatpipes on the areas where the CPU’s heatspreader comes in contact, ideally in its hot spots.

CM has a nice pattern of thermal paste pre-installed, which I removed since I use a specific type of thermal paste for all of my cooler reviews.

Photos of the fans that equip the cooler.

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