be quiet! Silent Wings Pro 4 140mm Fan Review – Three Mode Silencer!

Output Noise

I use a Class 1 Bruel & Kjaer 2270 G4 sound analyzer equipped with a Type 4955a microphone with a dBA-weighted dynamic range of below 6 dBA and up to 110 dBA. All tests are conducted inside a hemi-anechoic chamber with close to 6 dBA noise floor and at 25–28 °C ambient. The test subject is placed a meter from the sound analyzer.

Full & 70% Speed

Despite the high difference in rotation speed, the be quiet! fan manages to keep its noise output lower than the Shark Force 140 and the EK Loop FTP 140 fans. The difference with the latter is high.

Speed (Percentage) – Noise

I use a different setup to drive the fan for noise measurements, so there might be a difference in the readings of the Longwin machine, especially in the max fan speed reading.

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3 thoughts on “be quiet! Silent Wings Pro 4 140mm Fan Review – Three Mode Silencer!

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the very cool and high-quality reviews, no one else does that.

    I want to ask you to test noctua nf-a14, a new generation model will be released in the 2024q1, it would be cool to compare

  2. So basically they lost in what was meant to be their niche of static pressure across the board to a cheaper rgb fan? 😂. Even more embarrassing is in Australia where these are about $65 aud where the shark’s have dropped to $25. Either way ur testing is invaluable for these more niche products especially, cheers.

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