be quiet! Silent Wings Pro 4 140mm Fan Review – Three Mode Silencer!

Box, Contents & Bundle

The box is large, and you will find a photo of the product on its face. Everything is neatly arranged at its internals, showing the brand’s attention to the smallest detail.

We shot a photo of the bundle, but the stock image from be quiet! is way better, so I decided to use that instead. As you can see in the photo above, the bundle is rich.

The change in PWM mode is through a switch located at the center of the fan. This is inconvenient, so you must select the proper mode before installing the fan(s); otherwise, it won’t be as easy. The PWM mode change would be far more convenient if made through remote control, as in the Super Flower Megacool 120mm.

The build quality is top, as usually is the case for be quiet! products. I didn’t expect anything else, given the sky-high price. The three different mount options are a nice touch since they allow for different configurations according to where you will mount the fan. The ruffled blades are optimized for high performance and decreased noise output, while the gap with the frame is minimal to increase airflow and static pressure.

Another nice detail is the fan’s connector, which might be bulkier than the normal ones but is way more secure and reliable.

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3 thoughts on “be quiet! Silent Wings Pro 4 140mm Fan Review – Three Mode Silencer!

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the very cool and high-quality reviews, no one else does that.

    I want to ask you to test noctua nf-a14, a new generation model will be released in the 2024q1, it would be cool to compare

  2. So basically they lost in what was meant to be their niche of static pressure across the board to a cheaper rgb fan? 😂. Even more embarrassing is in Australia where these are about $65 aud where the shark’s have dropped to $25. Either way ur testing is invaluable for these more niche products especially, cheers.

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