Arctic P12 PWM PST Fan Review – The best budget (and not only) fan!

Box, Contents & Bundle

You will be disappointed if you expect a fancy box in a package containing five fans, dropping the cost to six dollars per fan. I don’t mind the plain box at all, but I wanted to provide more protection to its internals. Fans are tougher than most IT parts, but they can still break in harsh shipping conditions. The bundle includes only the required screws for chassis mounting.

There are no rubber mounts on the corners for reduced vibrations, but Arctic states that vibrations are minimized thanks to the motor’s design and operation, so rubber mounts are not required. Less vibrations mean less friction, so lower operating temperatures. This means less fan stress, so its lifetime is increased.

Arctic provides a scheme of the bearing. If this scheme is accurate, the bearing looks to be of rifle type instead of fluid dynamic, still way better than a plain sleeve bearing.

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