be quiet! Shadow Base 800 FX Review: Thermal & Noise Damping/Output Evaluation

Frequency Plots

50% Fan Speed

The max values >1KHz frequencies should be ignored since they probably are from external factors. The higher average noise output is in the 200-500 Hz range.

75% Fan Speed

Increased levels in the 250-500 Hz range. According to several studies, too much noise in this frequency range leads to muffled or boxy sound. Thankfully, this is not music but fans spinning.

100% Fan Speed

With the fans spinning at full speed, the noise is increased in the low midrange from 250 to 500 Hz.

Signal Recordings – 50/75/100% Fan Speed

I have recorded the signals shown above, but please keep in mind that I’ve enabled Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to do so to make it easier for you to reproduce them. The provided recordings are only offered for aural identification purposes.




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