Quick Tips #31: The Proper Way And Tips To Charge Your Device

Technology advances almost daily nowadays. AI is taking over steadily, and IoT is being adopted by more devices and facilities, among others. But one thing hasn’t advanced as much or as fast yet: the batteries. The reasons vary, but the truth is that the battery segment is quite behind. On the other hand, the charging segment has recently offered fast charging, quick charging, etc. But do you know there are things you can do to prolong your device’s battery life in the best way possible? In this Quick Tips article, I will reveal essential tips for properly charging your device to save its battery life and health and serve you as it should.

“Do not try this at home”.

How To

  1. If it is a brand-new device, charge it at 100% as a first charge. It is better to charge it (first charge) without powering it on.
  2. Lithium-ion (and all of its types) batteries are memory-effect-free.
  3. Never fully charge your device (100%) daily. 80% charging is considered the best practice.
  4. Never let your device go below 20%. Ideally, it should be above 30% or, even better, 40%.
  5. The best practice is to charge your device from 30% (or 40%, even better) to 80%.
  6. Charging cycles do matter.
  7. It is best not to let your device be plugged in after fully charging.
  8. Do not let your charger be plugged in when not in use.
  9. Always use the official, original chargers. Otherwise, prefer well-regarded and compatible third-party chargers. Occasionally, even the cables do matter.
  10. Avoid using your device during its charging.
  11. Charging when the device is powered off is a good practice.
  12. Excessively high or low temperatures do matter. Note that cases and humidity have effects.
  13. If you notice any issues, let your device fully discharge (power off, 0%) and fully recharge it (100%). This is also called (re)calibration.
  14. Note that usage, processes, and apps affect battery performance and life.
  15. If you wish, you can fully charge (100%) your device once a month or every two months.
  16. Keep your phone clean and avoid any accidents.
  17. Avoid fast charging (if possible), at least regularly.
  18. If you will not use your device for an extended period (switched off), do not charge it above 50%–60%.
  19. Batteries do degrade and wear out over time.
  20. You can charge your phone on your PC, but note that time, ports, cables, etc., matter.
  21. Avoid charging your device in public charging hot spots.
  22. Avoid any adapters if possible.
  23. Power banks and wireless charging (if supported) options.
  24. Keep an eye out for battery bulking.
  25. Avoid charging your device near you or any other “sensitive” devices.
  26. If your battery is non-removable and you don’t know how to replace it, it is best to entrust it to a technician. Replace it only with a genuine battery that is tailored for your specific model (essential rule).

These are some essential tips to serve your device’s battery in the best possible way. Unfortunately, batteries degrade and wear out over time, but we can follow standard practices to prolong their life and health. As always, stay safe and stay in the know.

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