US Sanctions affect a Major PC Brand

As it seems, a major PC brand, DeepCool, is included in the most recent US sanctions list.

United States sanctions are financial and trade restrictions imposed against individuals, entities, and jurisdictions whose actions contradict U.S. foreign policy or national security goals.

The imposed sanctions will hugely affect this brand’s activity, and since we don’t have a clear picture yet, we don’t want to comment more on this matter.

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One thought on “US Sanctions affect a Major PC Brand

  1. Western Democracy a.k.a Democratic Capitalism to a great extend was founded, and is still (?) based to this day, on the “Laissez faire, laissez passer” belief.

    Even I know that and i’m not the President.

    So i guess nowadays Democracy is a pesky incovenience here in the West.

    RIP DeepCool we will sorely miss you.

    P.S : On another thought, i “fear” AI eventually wont take off. Because we will blue-screen it. Oh well, at least we can write off Skynet from the list of potential future global threats. 😀

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