XPG Core Reactor II 850W PSU Review

Part Analysis

General Data
Manufacturer (OEM) CWT
Platform CSE
PCB Type Double-Sided
Primary Side
Transient Filter 4x Y caps, 2x X caps, 2x CM chokes, 1x MOV
Inrush Protection NTC Thermistor SCK-056 (5 Ohm) & Relay
Bridge Rectifier(s)
2x  GBUL1506 (600V, 15A @ 100°C)
2x Infineon IPA60R125P6 (600V, 19A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 0.125Ohm) &
1x Sync Power SPN5003 (for reducing the no-load consumption)
APFC Boost Diode
1x Infineon IDH08G65C6 (650V, 8A @ 145°C)
Bulk Cap(s)
1x Nippon Chemi-Con (450V, 680uF, 2,000h @ 105°C, KMZ)
Main Switchers
2x Vishay SiHA25N60EFL (600V, 16A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 0.146Ohm)
APFC Controller
Champion CM6500UNX
Resonant Controller Champion CU6901VAC
Primary side: APFC, Half-Bridge & LLC converter
Secondary side: Synchronous Rectification & DC-DC converters
Secondary Side
+12V MOSFETs 8x International Rectifier IRFH7004PbF (40V, 164A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 1.4mOhm)
5V & 3.3V DC-DC Converters:

  • 2x Excelliance MOS EMB04N03A (30V, 55A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 4mOhm)
  • 2x UBIQ QN3107M6N (30V, 70A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 2.6mOhm)

PWM Controller(s): ANPEC APW7159C

Filtering Capacitors Electrolytic:

  • 2x Nichicon (2-5,000h @ 105°C, HD)
  • 4x Nippon Chemi-Con (4-10,000h @ 105°C, KY)
  • 1x Nippon Chemi-Con (2-5,000h @ 105°C, KZE)
  • 2x Rubycon (4-10,000h @ 105°C, YXJ)
  • 2x Rubycon (4-10,000h @ 105°C, YXF)

Polymer: 13x FPCAP, 7x Nippon Chemi-Con

Supervisor IC Weltrend WT7502R (OVP, UVP, SCP, PG)
Fan Model Hong Hua HA1225H12F-Z (120mm, 12V, 0.58A, Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan)
5VSB Circuit
1x Silan Microelectronics SVF4N65RD FET(650V, 2.5A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 2.7Ohm) &
1x PS1045L SBR (45V, 10A)
Standby PWM Controller On-Bright OB5282

This is CWT’s CSE platform, using top-notch parts, including Infineon and Vishay FETs and Japanese caps for increased reliability. The cooling fan, manufactured by Hong Hua, is also of high quality and has a fluid dynamic bearing to keep noise output low. On the primary side, besides the APFC converter, which has been used in every desktop PSU for many years now, we also find a half-bridge topology and an LLC resonant converter for lower switching losses. On the secondary side, a synchronous rectification scheme handles the 12V rail, with eight FETs total, and the minor rails are generated through a pair of DC-DC converters.

The bulk caps and several caps on the secondary side are by Chemi-Con, and we also find several Rubycon and Nichicon electrolytic caps. On the secondary side, many polymer caps are also used for ripple filtering.

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7 thoughts on “XPG Core Reactor II 850W PSU Review

  1. Hi crmaris
    I am seeing that it is a very good PSU for the price, what do you think about buying it to use with a 4070TiSuper and an R7 7800X3D? 850W

  2. Hi crmaris.
    After buying this power supply, I decided to test it with a tester from Aliexpress. When the tester is turned on, it starts beeping and Power Good flashes with a reading of 130.
    All other indicators are normal.
    Can you tell me if this is a factory defect or can I use this power supply?
    P.S. I checked the tester on my old Deepcool PQ750M power supply. There it works without beeping and PG blinking.

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