Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 850W Gold PSU Review

Average Noise

The average noise is high, with the PSU exceeding 35 dBA at both voltage inputs.

Fan Noise & Speed Maps @ 28-32 °C

The semi-passive operation doesn’t last long if you load the minor rails highly. With more than 340W, the PSU’s noise exceeds 30 dBA, goes over 35 dBA with 470W, and enters the 40-45 dBA zone with 600W and higher loads.

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8 thoughts on “Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 850W Gold PSU Review

  1. Mine has a horrid whine when the fan can’t decide wether it wants to spin or not. This doesn’t seem to be an uncommon issue either which is annoying. So far warranty support has been unhelpful.

  2. Great review with alot of detail thanks guys, I’ve read alot of forums and seen videos of numerous people complaining about the Thermaltake SFX850 having loud coil wine at lighter loads (about where the fan just about starts spinning due to load). Was this noticed during the testing of your unit?

    1. we didn’t notice something, else we would have wrote about it, but it can happen yes, with different production batches. By testing 1-2 PSUs only, you can’t have a complete picture about the whole production, sorry.

  3. Exactly the same thing happens to me, the screeching noise that this source emits is unbearable, with the money it is worth and this huge failure.

  4. I also bought myself a Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 850W Gold PSU for my Fractal Terra build. I had this Corsair SF850L 850W from a previous build, but I thought I would go smaller, so as to put a 120 mm fan. Boy do I regret. The Thermaltake sounds like it has a canary locked inside, making a chirping noise, almos continuous, you can hear 7 meters away. Considering the price, this is outrageous. Thinking about going back to my Corsair, who’s fas was anyway idle most of the time…

    1. How you install it? With the fan facing downwards? Also, Cybenetics Standard+ rating is not what I call silent. The average noise output of 35-40 dBA is notable.

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