Thermaltake Toughpower PF3 1050W PSU Review

Transient Response

20% Load – 20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 11.986V 11.893V 0.78% Pass
5V 5.009V 4.937V 1.44% Pass
3.3V 3.320V 3.214V 3.21% Pass
5VSB 5.089V 5.051V 0.74% Pass

50% Load -20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 12.014V 11.915V 0.82% Pass
5V 5.003V 4.917V 1.73% Pass
3.3V 3.312V 3.200V 3.39% Pass
5VSB 5.063V 5.012V 1.01% Pass

The transient response is good on all rails, especially at 12V.

Transient Response ATX v3.0 Tests

The PSU passes all ATX v3.0 transient response tests. The voltage drop at 12V is notably lower than the 1200W unit’s at the 200% load test.

The 12V rail’s performance is pretty good!

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2 thoughts on “Thermaltake Toughpower PF3 1050W PSU Review

  1. Hello,
    I have a strange thing to report about this exact model.
    I thought the fan on the unit I had was dying because of a somewhat scratching noise when disabling smart fan off so I ordered a replacement unit from Amazon

    The replacement unit is totally different from the one that I have. I have uploaded two photos of actual units and their boxes.

    My previous unit seems to have the same pcb as in your review, only with two brown Nippon chemicon 470uf instead of your’s black Nichicon.
    The newer unit seems to have:
    – the fan partially wrapped in plastic in order to restrict airflow (I Guess)
    – black thick heatsink similar to those of a cwt puq I had
    – just one black Nichicon with 400v stamped on it and GG (M) (no micro Farad indication that I can get a glimpse of)
    – different main transformer in a black monolith enclosure saying pq4040-a 2316 on it
    – three big nude coils similar to those of PFC (but I am no expert)
    – a fan that is even noisier (it resemble a track) when activated.
    – different advertisement about efficiency and fan curve on the box (see the photo attached)
    – cables pcb is disposed differently

    I can attach a sound print in mp3 of both if needed.

    I thought my fan was already defective but it seems this is even worse in a way. Wich one do you think would be better to keep?

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