Seasonic Prime TX-1300 ATX v3.0 PSU Review

The Seasonic Prime TX-1300 is one of the best performing PSUs in today’s market, in overall performance, noise output and efficiency. The lower capacity than its big brother, the TX-1600, helps it achieve top performance. Read the full review to find out what you get with 440 dollars, its current price! 

The Seasonic Prime TX-1300 is included in my best ATX v3.0 & PCIe 5.0 PSU picks article.

If you check our best ATX v3.x PSU article, you will notice that the Seasonic Prime TX-1300 achieves first place in the >1250W PSUs in almost all sections. This triggered my interest in providing a detailed review of this model.

I have already reviewed the following units from Seasonic in 2023:

Besides Titanium efficiency, in the Cybenetics scheme, the TX-1300 also has a Cybenetics-A++ noise rating, which is the best, meaning below 15 dBA average noise output. The maximum operating temperature is 50°C, but during the mining craziness and to avoid any problems, Seasonic started derating its PSUs at that temperature, stating that they can deliver only 80% of their max power continuously. If you want full power around the clock, you must remain at 40°C. Since the Prime series is backed up by the longest warranty possible in a power supply, 12 years, Seasonic had to ensure there would be no problems in the long run. With a price of 440 dollars, the TX-1300 is far from affordable, but the super long warranty and the top-notch build quality, as you will notice in the part analysis section, are two things that don’t come cheap.



Technical Specifications:
  • Manufacturer (OEM): Seasonic
  • Max Power: 1300W
  • Cybenetics Efficiency: [115V] Cybenetics Titanium (91-93%)
  • 80 Plus Efficiency: Titanium
  • Noise [115V]: Cybenetics A++ (<15 dB[A])
  • Compliance: ATX v3.0, EPS 2.92
  • Operating Temperature (Continuous Full Load): 0 – 50 °C (derating from 100 % to 80 % from 40 °C to 50 °C)
  • Alternative Low Power Mode support: Yes
  • Power 12V combined: 1300W
  • Number of 12V rails: 1
  • Power 5V + 3.3v: 125W
  • Power 5VSB: 15W
  • Cooling: 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan (HA13525H12SF-Z)
  • Semi-Passive Operation: ✓ (selectable)
  • Modular Design: Yes (Fully)
  • High Power Connectors: 3x EPS (3x cables), 6x PCIe 6+2 pin (6x cables), 1x PCIe 12+4 pin (600W)
  • Peripheral Connectors: 18x SATA (5x cables), 3x 4-pin Molex (single cable)
  • ATX Cable Length: 610mm
  • EPS Cable Length: 700mm
  • 6+2 pin PCIe Cable Length: 750mm
  • 12+4 pin PCIe Cable Length: 750mm
  • Distance between SATA / 4-pin Molex: 150mm / 125mm
  • In-cable capacitors: No
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 mm x 85 mm x 210mm
  • Weight: 3.04 kg (6.7 lb)
  • Warranty: twelve years
  • Street price (excluding VAT): $440

Power Specifications

Rail 3.3V 5V 12V 5VSB -12V
Max. Power Amps 25 25 108.33 3 0.5
Watts 125 1300 15 6
Total Max. Power (W) 1300
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7 thoughts on “Seasonic Prime TX-1300 ATX v3.0 PSU Review

  1. Aris, have you noticed any weird noise when the PSU fan starts or stops? Or erratic fan behavior in this unit?

    My Seasonic Prime PX-750 had the fan start up and stop constantly while I was gaming. The fan itself was quiet but I could hear a weird rattling noise for one second as the fan started or stopped. This also sometimes happened at idle.

      1. 100% sure. It would happen when I switched Hybrid mode on and off. There was nothing rattling around in the PSU, nothing was stuck in it.

        1. Alright, update. No such noises coming from this PSU’s fan, just as advertised on this review, it is extremely silent. I was shocked at how silent it was. Normal behavior both in hybrid and always on mode. I keep my fan always running.

  2. I see all your expensive testing equipment push to the limits but please no 30 pages ahah.

    This PSU is gorgeous, look amazing for the people with a pc case showing it on the side/bottom. Some luxury sport car with the chrome look.
    Breaded cables very nice. It’s a personnal pref but downside they are 60-75cm ! I built a few mid-tower pc and i never needed more than 50cm for the ATX and GPU. Big hassle to hide all this extra ;(
    510€~ on Amazon for this monster, if i was not beyond the return window for my own PSU i would be tempted.

    I snatched a MSI MEG AI1300P for 279€ with the MSI Cashback/Review. Decent for platinum 1300w. I like the fact that the fan control is possible with msi center and usb mobo. Plus it’s start running auto by default only when it’s 65°C i believe.

    1. I highly recommend setting the PSU to the minimum fan RPM of 700. You don’t need the MSI software to keep running after you set it.

      I have this PSU and in my opinion, the fan starts way too late. I don’t like the amount of heat the PSU puts out, so I left mine running like specified above, and the PSU never heats up past 48C even during intense gaming (4090 and 14900K).

      I will replace it with this Seasonic Prime TX-1300 unit in a bit, though. Only reason I got this MSI was because Seasonic had no ATX 3.0 units at the time. I always feel more comfortable with Seasonic in my rig – not to say the MSI is bad, far from it. It’s a very high quality unit. I’m just a Seasonic kinda gal.

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