MSI MAG A850GL PCIE5 850W PSU Review

Transient Response

20% Load – 20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 12.135V 11.972V 1.34% Pass
5V 4.995V 4.914V 1.62% Pass
3.3V 3.265V 3.141V 3.80% Pass
5VSB 5.059V 5.011V 0.94% Pass

50% Load -20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 12.109V 12.010V 0.82% Pass
5V 4.987V 4.901V 1.71% Pass
3.3V 3.257V 3.128V 3.97% Fail
5VSB 5.022V 4.973V 0.98% Pass

The transient response is good at 12V, 5V, and 5VSB rails, but there is an issue at 3.3V because this specific rail has a low initial voltage level. If its voltage were close to 3.3V, it wouldn’t fail in the second test.

Transient Response ATX v3.0 Tests

The PSU meets the ATX v3.0 requirements.

The 12V rail’s voltage levels are at satisfactory high levels in these, demanding tests.

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