Montech Titan Gold 1200W PSU Review

Protection Features

OCP (Cold @ 25°C) 12V: 117.8A (117.8%), 12.018V
5V: 25.8A (117.09%), 4.993V
3.3V: 26.2A (119.09%), 3.257V
5VSB: 5.1A (170%), 4.955V
OCP (Hot @ 39°C) 12V: 117A (116.99%), 12.039V
5V: 25.7A (116.64%), 4.991V
3.3V: 26.1A (118.64%), 3.255V
5VSB: 5.1A (169.67%), 4.958V
OPP (Cold @ 26°C) 1407.05W (117.25%)
OPP (Hot @ 39°C) 1407.04W (117.25%)
OTP ✓ (179°C @ Secondary Side)
SCP 12V to Earth: ✓
5V to Earth: ✓
3.3V to Earth: ✓
5VSB to Earth: ✓
-12V to Earth: ✓
PWR_OK Proper Operation
SIP Surge: MOV
Inrush: NTC Thermistor & Bypass Relay

OCP triggering points are correctly set on all rails; the same goes for over power protection. It is nice to see a strong PSU with correctly set OCP and OPP, providing adequate protection to its platform and the system parts it feeds with power. All other necessary protection features are present and working well.

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