Montech Titan Gold 1200W PSU Review

Transient Response

20% Load – 20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 12.181V 12.023V 1.29% Pass
5V 4.997V 4.910V 1.74% Pass
3.3V 3.263V 3.146V 3.57% Pass
5VSB 4.979V 4.912V 1.35% Pass

50% Load -20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 12.112V 12.036V 0.63% Pass
5V 4.994V 4.922V 1.44% Pass
3.3V 3.254V 3.135V 3.67% Fail
5VSB 4.964V 4.899V 1.32% Pass

The transient response is good on all rails but 3.3V, where the low nominal voltage leads to a failure in the second test.

Transient Response ATX v3.0 Tests

The PSU successfully passed all ATX v3.0 transient response tests.

The Titan Gold 1200 keeps its 12V rail at a high level during the 200% transient load test, which is the worst.

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