Montech Titan Gold 1200W PSU Review

Transient Response

20% Load – 20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 12.181V 12.023V 1.29% Pass
5V 4.997V 4.910V 1.74% Pass
3.3V 3.263V 3.146V 3.57% Pass
5VSB 4.979V 4.912V 1.35% Pass

50% Load -20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 12.112V 12.036V 0.63% Pass
5V 4.994V 4.922V 1.44% Pass
3.3V 3.254V 3.135V 3.67% Fail
5VSB 4.964V 4.899V 1.32% Pass

The transient response is good on all rails but 3.3V, where the low nominal voltage leads to a failure in the second test.

Transient Response ATX v3.0 Tests

The PSU successfully passed all ATX v3.0 transient response tests.

The Titan Gold 1200 keeps its 12V rail at a high level during the 200% transient load test, which is the worst.

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6 thoughts on “Montech Titan Gold 1200W PSU Review

  1. Thanks Hardware Busters for the review on the Montech Titan PSU line. I never would have given Montech a chance without your knowledge. I ordered a Montech Titan 1200 for my new PC rig. I fully support new companies bringing quality and competition to any market.

  2. My unit has coil whine (more like intermittent chirping) at low loads. As soon as I launch a game or put a 50 – 100w+ load on the system it’s dead silent.

    I’ve managed to ‘fix’ it by disabling Intel c6 and c7 states (c1e enabled) and increasing idle GPU clocks from 210/400 to 300/810 MHz using nvidia-smi. If I disable all the c states including c1e I can keep the GPU at stock idle speeds, but I don’t want my CPU at maximum voltage all the time.

    The reason this works is because, for whatever reason, the chirping seems to be caused by very low loads on the +12v rail. I’m guessing the PSU is trying to retain gold efficiency across the entire load range on the +12v rail and it struggles at very low loads.

    When idling and light browsing at stock settings my CPU consumes 2 – 5w and the GPU consumes 30w. With c6/7 states disabled and higher GPU clocks the CPU consumes 5 – 15w and the GPU consumes 40w. That’s a 20w increase and it’s 100% worth it because the chirping is unbearable without headphones.

    i7 13700k
    32GB DDR5 6400MHz
    Palit Gamerock RTX 3090 Ti

      1. I’ve owned many power supplies and this is the first one that exhibits this behavior. There have been reports of it happening on other CWT CSZ based PSUs (TT GF3, NZXT C1200), but it doesn’t seem to be a widespread problem. It’s probably just a bad batch or a small percentage of defective units.
        Fortunately it’s easy to fix by slightly increasing idle power consumption.

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