Corsair SF1000L SFX-L PSU Review

Average Noise

The average noise output is high.

Fan Noise & Speed Maps @ 28-32 °C

There is no need for such high combined power output on the minor rails, which creates significant problems in this unit regarding noise output since I have to load the 5V and 3.3V rails up to 150W fully. With more than 80W load on the minor rails, the fan starts to spin regardless of the 12V load. With more than 460W, the unit breaks the 30 dBA mark. At around 490W, it goes above 35 dBA. With 590W, it exceeds 40 dBA; with more than 730W, you will be treated with more than 45 dBA. All in all, the fan speed profile is highly aggressive. Lower combined power output on the minor rails helps at up to 450W but doesn’t affect noise output at higher loads.

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6 thoughts on “Corsair SF1000L SFX-L PSU Review

  1. Another excellent review, Aris – thank you! It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t even consider buying a PSU without your thorough review. I do wonder though, I noticed that the unit is actually Platinum rated according to:

    Perhaps this was a marketing choice by Corsair, but even so, an odd one!

    I’m currently torn between the Corsair SF1000L (noise isn’t a concern as long as the fan does its job), the Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W, and the ROG-Loki. However, I’m hesitant about the ROG-Loki due to reported coil whine issues. If you could only recommend one SFX-L 1000W+ PSU, which would you choose (even if not listed)?

    Thanks in advance for your insights!

    1. It is Platinum in Cybenetics, because of the different methodology that it uses compared to 80 P.
      I don’t have an Asus Loki review sample so far and this troubles me. Asus marketing in general is so so, rarely sending out review samples.
      I would go for the Corsair SFX-L. Currently it is the best option, especially if you don’t care about noise at high loads.

  2. Can your reviews add coil whine testing… Certain loads with coil whine Dba test results or something. I found all the Corsair PSUs appear to have some coil whine under load. Asus Loki apparently has as much if not more coil whine. Apparently Seasonic PSUs have less coil whine but a lot of complaints about fan noise (I replace fans in my PSUs) :P. I do like the Corsair PSUs, I build for silence so coil whine under load conditions defeats this goal.

    1. Actually most complain for coil whine in the seasonic Vertex. We do test for coil whine but the fact is that we only get 2 samples per unit. If we notice coil whine we mention that in the reviews.

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