Corsair M75 Air Wireless Ultra-Lightweight Mouse Review

The Corsair M75 Air Wireless Ultra-Lightweight mouse is an ultra-lightweight wireless mouse that follows the omnipresent classic mouse design with minimal features to maintain its low weight. It is equipped with the powerful and ultra-precise Corsair Marksman 26K DPI optical sensor, Zero-delay Corsair Quickstrike buttons, and a stiff price tag that will have you think about its purchase twice.

Review Author: Erasmia Grigorelli

Another peripheral from Corsair, this time the M75 Air Wireless mouse, with only 60 grams of weight. This super-light mouse keeps its weight low without using the honeycomb layer, allowing dust buildup at the internals. M75 AIR provides only the necessary a user needs, with a Scandinavian approach of simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

This product is suitable for FPS and MOBA games thanks to its design and low weight. Corsair also mentions Battle Royal. There are five buttons (six if you consider the wheel click), and the main switches have an extended lifetime. This mouse’s Marksman sensor has a 26K DPI optical sensor and a rebranded PixArt PAW3393, supporting 650 IPS tracking and up to 50G acceleration. Since this is a wireless product, I also have to comment on the slipstream wireless technology it utilizes, which, according to Corsair, offers a sub-1ms connection while relaying inputs two times faster than the closest competitor. Moreover, the M75 Air’s battery life is up to 34 and 100 hours via a slower Bluetooth connection.


Official Technical Specifications:
  • Model Name: Corsair M75 Air
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Main Switches: TTC Optical (100 M)
  • Game Type: FPS;MOBA;Battle Royale
  • On Board Memory Profiles: 1x
  • Grip Type: Any
  • Hand Size: Large
  • Ambidextrous: No, buttons on the left side only
  • Number of Buttons: 5+1 (including wheel click)
  • Sensor: MARKSMAN 26K
  • Resolution: 100–26,000 CPI
  • Polling Rate: 125/250/500/1000/2000 Hz
  • Software: Yes, CORSAIR iCUE
  • Interface: Build-in USB Type-C to Type-A
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 128 x 65 x 41.6mm
  • Cable Length: 1.8 meters, braided (removable)
  • Weight: 60 gr
  • Price (excluding VAT): $100
  • Warranty: 2-year
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