XPG Invader X Mid-Tower Chassis Wins iF Design Award 2024

XPG informed us today that its INVADER X Mid-Tower chassis has won the iF Design Award 2024! This means that this case has an excellent design, and if you want to learn more about it, you can read our full review:

The wrap-up of our review:

The XPG Invader is a quality case, which, with some more tuning, can provide an easier building experience. This chassis is for users who want to build a nice system, show it, and see its internals without any obstacles. This case should be installed on top of your office and not below it, so you will need a spacious desktop to do so. Moreover, I strongly advise getting the Prime Box PWM/ARGB controller or dealing with all the fan cables will be challenging. XPG should also offer a bundle including the Prime Box, as it does with the Battlecruiser II.

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