Windows 11 23H2 Update is Halted For Boot Loop Reasons

Windows updates are essential for improving and securing our devices. However, updates have occasionally been a headache for consumers throughout Windows history. In Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft stepped it even further by forcing updates for Home users. Who is the mastermind who thought, “Well, Home users are not businesses, so we can do whatever we want”? This proved to be one of Microsoft’s biggest misguidances, forcing it to relax its policy a bit, but not entirely. It is reasonable that large companies need a stable OS for various reasons, but that doesn’t mean that a Home user is a beta tester. Although Windows Updates have improved over the years, they were never foolproof. Some updates were too buggy, and no, Microsoft suggesting solutions rather than resolving them is not the best practice.

The Cumulative Windows 11 2023 Update (June’s Windows 11 22H2 / 23H2 update, KB5039302) is another one that proved to be a buggy update to be added to Microsoft’s negative record. The biggest headache for this update, followed by two other minor ones, is the potential Boot Loop issue. It is not the first time, though. Microsoft has halted this update and is investigating the root cause. The problem seems tied to virtualization (DevBox, Azure Virtual Desktop, CloudPC) but needs to be further analyzed. Home users is less likely to be affected. It is always sad to learn that an update goes wild. But this is something to consider.

Dear Microsoft, by the time you can’t guarantee your users’s convenience, you should change your update policy. So, step back on your force-updates model and let it be. This will solve more problems than it might create. Period. Windows updates might be essential, but the same goes for the users’ comfort zone. This is what should be prioritized. It is not officially stated when this update (revised) will be available, but hopefully, the known issues will be resolved. We are not against Windows updates but rather Microsoft’s policy. This should be seriously reconsidered. We will update this article with any further developments. So, stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Windows 11 23H2 Update is Halted For Boot Loop Reasons

  1. Before doing Windows update I recommend to create a System Image with something like Macrium Reflect.
    I prefer to boot from a USB flash drive and create the image from there.

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