The final Lab move (for this year!)

As you probably noticed I am not so active this week, because I am away from the home base, to pack the second lab that we own and move all stuff to our new building in Cyprus. In other words, so far we had two fully-equipped labs, which will be merged into one!

Establishing new labs is our hobby, but it was about time to gather everything into the same place to have complete control. This week, we traveled to Greece to pack everything from the lab there and move it to our lab in Cyprus, which is now in a new building we bought some months ago.

This means the Cyprus lab will have six fully operational Chroma ATE stations and one in reserve. Besides the PSU testing equipment, the new lab has dozens of other instruments, including a Longwin fan testing machine, a massive climate chamber,  two super-advanced noise analyzers, a pair of microphones that can go down to six dBA, costing around 12K each, and many more interesting stuff.

Although the new building is large, close to 700m2, I am still troubled about where I will install all the equipment. I also have to upgrade the electrical infrastructure to exploit all testing equipment simultaneously, which is the ultimate goal. I mainly refer to the six Chroma ATE stations and the climate chamber. This is why we have already started searching for a new building, larger than the current one, with an enhanced electrical infrastructure, which we will possibly upgrade to cope with our increased power needs.

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