Samsung 911 plus 79 (990) Pro

Samsung is currently one of the most well-known brands in the World. It produces a massive variety of products and probably some of the best of each category, in general. This includes SSDs among others. And Samsung’s SSDs are among the best, hands down. One of its diamonds is 990 Pro NVMe m.2 SSD which supports PCIe 4.0. But recently, there are shadows around its name. Shadows that seems to trouble the Korean Industry Giant.

Lately, there are many reports in Forums, Sites, Reddit and Twitter that Samsung 990 Pro is defective. The problem seems to be with its health degradation after only a short period of time. Typically, in a matter of days or weeks, as reported by the users. Some users reported even about 10 per cent degradation. Interesting is the fact that is not reported only by one app, but almost every related app, e.g., CrystalDiskInfo. Even Samsung Magician, Samsung’s own Drive program, reports health degradation.

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For now, Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed these rumors, but it is expected to take action. Customers and Tech community need to know if it is defective or probably a firmware issue. This won’t be the first time that something similar occurs with problematic firmware and not because of hardware defects. Even Windows OS may play a part on this. For the record, Samsung 990 Pro is rated at 1,200 TBW (TeraBytes Written). So, the reported degradation by users is a bit uncomfortable. Especially for a popular product like this and for a brand like Samsung.

Until now nothing is officially confirmed. So, weather is an actual hardware/ software issue or just defective parts is confusing, the least. We are looking forward for Samsung’s official statements and we hope for the best for us, the consumers. So stay tuned to our Site for more updates on this matter, as well.

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