Powenetics v2 Introduction

Powenetics is a system allowing for full power measurements in almost every component. Since it was getting old and its installation was a hassle, we decided to upgrade it. After lots of design and experimentation, the first Powenetics v2 board is here. There is still much work to do to get this system complete, but we were eager to present it to you.

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2 thoughts on “Powenetics v2 Introduction

  1. We don’t delete any messages. YouTube does. We don’t even have a filter for them. 

    CapFrameX is open source and it will support Powenetics. Our software won’t be open-sourced because it contains stuff we don’t want in public. 

  2. Hi, HWBusters Team!
    Watched GPU Transient Measurements done right? Powenetics V2 is a one-way road! and commented on it, but your staff or YouTube deleted it? I will ask it here.
    When we as community make Open Source equivalent? Are you or developers are planning release tehnical documentation etc. and make Open Source software on GitHub, GitLab etc.? Or it’s just other propertary solution? I suggest it make more compact (box style with multiple PCBs).Thanks.

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