MSI Afterburner is not dead, yet

Lately, there have been many rumors about MSI’S popular utility in the Tech community. And not without a good reason. Alexey Nicolaychuk, Afterburner‘s developer, stated that MSI hasn’t paid him for almost a year. According to Nicolaychuk, it might be time to stop wasting energy on this project and focus on something that would help him to pay his bills. Could this mean the end of an Era? The truth is that the situation is a bit more complicated. With the ongoing Ukraine invasion by Russia, payment transactions are way more challenging to fulfill. And this situation doesn’t help MSI to pay the developer for his work. So, it might not be entirely a fault on MSI’s side. But not being paid for your project for this long doesn’t help, either. We hope that this matter will be solved soon. Afterburner is a well-known utility being used by overclockers, among others. And even though many companies offer their utility, AB remains the most reliable. MSI officially stated that it intends to keep its utility under development and is in constant touch with Nicolaychuk to resolve the payment matter that occurred. We should also note that AB is still available on MSI’s official Site. We advise you to download it only from their Site because lately, there are many reports of fake and even dangerous Afterburner-like apps offered by third-party Sites. If this situation won’t be solved soon enough, it’s unclear how long AB could keep up with modern hardware. The industry is moving too fast, and outdated apps might not follow the increasing demand. Nicolaychuk stated that he is unwilling to give up on RTSS (Rivatuner), even if he might abandon the AB project. This is good news, after all. We hope this matter will be solved shortly in the best possible way for both sides. It is always unfortunate to learn that a helpful utility might be discontinued, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for now. We will inform you of the latest updates as soon as they are available. So, stay tuned.

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