How to join our Discord Server

Our Discord Server is alive and kicking! We are currently a strong community with over 700 members. The steps to join us are very simple, but unfortunately we see some Channel’s friends who don’t manage to complete successfully this easy process. Nothing to worry about. This article explains how to do it the easy way and a way with extra steps to help you with.

We are here for you!

The formal way

The formal way is the easiest of all. All you have to do is watch any Hardware Busters Youtube video (don’t forget to subscribe). In every video we have a pinned comment with the invitation. Alternatively, you can also find it in the description of the videos or through links in our Site. That’s it. Accept the invitation, create a Discord account if you don’t have already one with your verified email, nickname and passcode. The only extra precaution step you have to take is to fill in your phone number or a valid one. Discord then, will send you a text message with a PIN code to verify that is legit. You write down the received code and fill it in the box. That’s all! You are now a member of our Tech community.

You only have to react to our role emojis in our English and Greek Welcome channels to assign roles and join our text and voice channels. Keep in mind, that we are mostly a text Server, because as you already may know, Scripta Manent. If for any reason, you can’t access our Server, please proceed to the Hard way.

The Hard Way

All you have to do is, to write a comment in our Youtube Channels asking for our help to join us. You should mention your Discord Nickname and to have a verified Youtube account. E.g. User54 (Discord Nicname), I can’t join your Server, please help me. Then, our Team, will try to find your account and manually give access to you. Please, note that this might take some time. The other way is to add a comment in this article or add a topic in our Site, mentioning your nickname. The same process would be followed. Please, be aware that this would also take some extra time. So, just be patient. We keep it as simple and quick, as we can.

To Sumup

Join our Community is as simple as it gets. But, we understand that sometimes there are some issues, that require alternative ways to deal with. We are here for all of you and we would try our best to help you. Your love and support is really important to us, and we really much appreciate it. You can also join our Site’s Forum. Don’t hesitate to be our member. We are waiting for you.

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