The new year is here, and I hope it will bring happiness and health to all of you! And more money, if they will help you find happiness.

2023 was a challenging year for us, the Hardware Busters and the Cybenetics crew, because we had to make four moves this year, two for the lab and two for our home. This was a huge setback, as you can imagine since we lost so much time moving and rearranging tons of equipment and trying to build the lab and the hemi-anechoic chamber from scratch. In any case, all the hardships that we had to endure in 2023 are finally over, and now that we are in our own space (we bought the damn building, so no moves again unless we buy an even larger one!), we will focus on pushing hard the Hardware Busters media to the top. We have the best equipment money can buy, and above all, we have the best crew because tools and instruments are useless without the proper people and knowledge.

Photo of the lab in the previous building before the move


The Chroma electronic loads in the new building

In 2024, I intend to work extra hard on the Hardware Busters YouTube channel (the English one) and bring it up to speed with the site, which has grown tremendously thanks to your support!

Besides power supplies, we have already focused on the cooling category (coolers and fans). We will also try to find time to enroll more in chassis review since we have devised a unique testing methodology in this section.

We hope for a great New Year for ALL of you! And stay tuned because you will see many great things from us shortly! And remember DREAM BIG; do not let anyone restrict you or make you feel unworthy of big dreams. A year ago, I was still working for other media, with everyone telling me how hard it is to make something on your own, and now is recognized by all major brands and manufacturers, hosting 344 reviews, articles, and news posts in less than 18 months that the site has gone online. And we are just getting started. We didn’t go full speed yet 🙂

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