Cybenetics Releases ATX v3.0 “Pass” Badges

Cybenetics, the leading PSU certication agency, issued new badges, confirming ATX v3.0 compatibility. More and more users seek ATX v3.0 PSUs, so it is of vast importance to have a third-party labaratory confirming the claims of each manufacturer and brand. 

Nicosia, Cyprus – 30 August 2023 – Cybenetics conducts all ATX v3.0 tests from the first day that this standard was in effect, and to meet the demands of most of our partners, it was decided to issue a new badge confirming ATX v3.0 compatibility according to our test results.

ATX v3.0 tests are included in all Cybenetics certifications and beta evaluations. It is already a part of the Cybenetics testing methodology. All brands and manufacturers having products tested by Cybenetics and meeting ATX v3.0 certifications can use any of the following badges. They are of the same design but with color differences to match most package designs.

Download the new badges here.


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