CES 2024: be quiet!

be quiet! had some interesting products to show during CES 2024 this year.

Dark Base Pro 901 White

be quiet! is extending its color range with its 2024 product introductions in Las Vegas! The main showstopper is Dark Base Pro 901 White: this flagship case, with its innovative solutions and state-of-the-art features, is now available in white to accommodate your ultimate builds. This case supports 420mm radiators, inverted installation, touch-sensitive buttons, interchangeable panels to switch between maximum airflow or inaudible operation, and vertical GPU installation. Dark Base Pro 901 White will be available in March 2024.

Dark Base 701 White

If you’re looking for a white full-performance case that supports radiators up to 360mm and an inverted motherboard layout, Dark Base 701 White should suit your needs. Its open mesh design enables the highest airflow and performance. Compared to the Dark Base 701 Black, the new white model features a non-tinted window and wider LED diffuser with a frosted effect for improved color brilliance. Dark Base 701 White will also be available in March 2024.

Silent Wings Pro 4 & Silent Wings 4 White

As both cases feature white versions of the award-winning Silent Wings 4, be quiet! has dedicated itself to releasing these fans to consumers worldwide: Silent Wings Pro 4 White and Silent Wings 4 White will hit commercial availability in March 2024 and are the epitome of high performance with first-class features. Available in 120mm and 140mm as PWM and PWM high-speed versions and including interchangeable mounting corners, Silent Wings 4 White fans are suitable as case fans and radiator fans, while Silent Wings Pro 4 White offers additional radiator mounting corners for a tight air seal and a speed switch with 3 settings, enabling ultra-high speeds of up to 3000 rpm.

Pure Wings 3 White

Consumers looking to upgrade their mainstream builds with white fans can turn to Pure Wings 3 White. These fans offer high air pressure with low operational noise, making them feel at home in both silent and demanding systems. The high-speed models feature a closed-loop motor technology that keeps the fan speed consistent, regardless of air resistance. Pure Wings 3 White fans will be available in 120mm and 140mm as PWM and PWM high-speed variants, with retail availability within the next few weeks.

12V-2×6 / 12VHPWR 90° Cable PCI-E

Last but not least, be quiet! is releasing an angled 12VHPWR cable for easier cable management. The angled connector can be used on the GPU or PSU side for the highest build flexibility. The 12V-2×6 / 12VHPWR 90° Cable PCI-E is rated at 600W, comes single-sleeved, and is compatible with all be quiet! ATX 3. x power supplies will be available for sale this January. On that note, be quiet! will upgrade all its mainstream ATX 3.0 PSU series to ATX 3.1.

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