ADATA Introduces DDR5 Cooling Technology

Taipei, Taiwan – March 6, 2024

The world’s leading memory module and flash memory brand, ADATA Technology’s e-sports brand XPG specializes in high-performance and stylishly designed e-sports products that cater to gamers, tech enthusiasts, and overclockers. High temperatures generated by high-speed overclocked gaming memory affect system stability, performance, and reliability. Therefore, XPG is leading the industry in applying PCB (printed circuit board) thermal coating technology to overclocked memory, effectively reducing temperatures by more than 10%. This new PCB thermal coating technology will be introduced in the second quarter on high-end overclocked DDR5 gaming memory with a clock speed of 8000MT/s or more to ensure stable and efficient operation in this grade of memory.

Revolutionary heat-dissipating coating effectively reduces temperatures by more than 10%

PCB heat dissipation adopts technology that integrates heat conduction, heat radiation, and insulation into an optimized solder mask, which not only insulates but also dissipates and conducts heat to achieve a superior cooling effect. Compared with standard overclocked DDR5 gaming memory heatsinks, this coating’s thermal radiation and heat dissipation effects greatly increase dissipation area and efficiency, slowing heat generation at high clock speeds. Real-world testing demonstrates an 8.5°C temperature reduction in overclocked DDR5 memory with PCB heat dissipating coating technology compared to standard overclocked memory and an enhanced heat dissipation efficiency of 10.8%. Users can enjoy extreme overclocking while maintaining high performance, meeting all challenges without compromise.

Heat-dissipating coating applied to memory modules running at 8,000MT/s or more

As a leading memory brand, ADATA Technology continues to pursue innovation and breakthroughs. In response to the dawn of AI computing, speed has become a common objective for the market. Consequently, temperature issues born of high performance have also become a common issue for everyone. XPG has prioritized the application of the latest thermal coating technology to overclocked DDR5 gaming memory running at 8000MT/s or more, including the new LANCER NEON RGB and popular LANCER RGB series memory modules expected to be launched in the second quarter and officially unveiled at Computex 2024. For more detailed product information, please visit the XPG website at

▼Infrared thermal imaging cameras show temperatures with/without heat-dissipating coating on overclocked LANCER NEON 8000MT/s


ADATA established XPG (XTREME PERFORMANCE GEAR) to provide high-performance products to gamers, esports pros, and tech enthusiasts. We are committed to developing products that deliver extreme performance and, therefore, work closely with the gaming and esports community to gain insight into the real needs of users. We provide a full range of products, from systems, components, and peripherals to devices, and create them with the highest standards of stability, reliability, and performance in mind. We also develop products with sheer cool designs, earning us several prestigious international awards, such as iF Design and Good Design. Beyond products, we actively sponsor and support esports events and teams globally to realize extreme gaming experiences at the highest levels.

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