Synology WRX560 Wireless Router Review

Packaging & Bundle

At the face of the box is a photo of the PSU with the modular panel in clear view, along with the uniquely designed fan grille. The three badges show the efficiency levels and the ten-year warranty.

Channel Well Technology, a respectable PSU manufacturer, makes the router’s power adapter. It can deliver up to 30W, with 12V output.

Product Photos

The router’s exterior design is interesting. We find some LED indicators at its face, with the most interesting stuff at the back.

Around the back, you will find the power switch, the DC input port, and the WAN/LAN ports.

The WPS button, a handy WiFi on/off switch, and a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port are on this side. The USB port can either host a 4/5G dongle which will resume the connection if the main one fails. The same port can also be used for storage, making the router a small NAS. It would be nice if Synology added two USB ports, one for the cellular dongle and one for storage.

Since there is no cooling fan, the plastic casing has to have exhaust grills. You should not install the router on its sides because hot air will be trapped inside.

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