Asustor FLASHSTOR 6 (FS6706T) ALL-SSD NAS Review

Performance Rating

The following graph compares the NAS server’s total performance rating to other units. The comparison is pretty straightforward as the tested unit is shown as 100%, and every other unit is relative to it. Please note that I only measure the raw performance in the graph below, not each unit’s functionality and available feature set.

The use of NVMe drives, instead of the plain SSDs that I use in the other NAS servers listed in the graph above, along with the pair of 2.5 Gbit ports, led to the first place.

Performance per Dollar

Most of you will find the following graph the most interesting as it shows how much the performance of the NAS will set you back. I looked at the current USD price of each NAS on Amazon and Newegg and used it and all relative performance numbers to calculate the performance-per-dollar index. If the unit is not sold in the U.S., I search popular EU shops (e.g., Caseking), converting the price to US dollars. For discontinued NAS servers, I used the last selling price.

The very high performance allows for a good performance per dollar score. I only considered the NAS diskless price, though, so you should keep in mind that NVMe drives cost way more than equally-sized HDDs.

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