Asus TUF Gaming B760-PLUS WIFI D4 Mainboard Review – Z690/DDR5 or B760/DDR4?

Max Operating Temperature

To check the operating temperatures, I run Blender instead of Prime95 and small FFTs, which apply an unrealistically high load to the CPU.

I removed the power limit in the Z690 mainboard. Hence the processor went full speed, reaching the thermal limit where it throttled.

VRM Performance, Temperatures & Overclocking

Since the peak power performance doesn’t state much about the VRM performance, I thought to provide you with the following graphs, which clearly show the VRM’s response in CPU transient loads.

I don’t see any major overshoots during the start of the demanding Prime95 tests, indicating that the mainboard’s VRMs can handle a power-beast like the 12900KF.

I even left Prime95 running for over a half-hour period, noticing over 400W power spikes. The VRMs didn’t get hot, as shown in the screenshot above.


The B760 chipset is the choice for users on a tight budget who don’t want to spend much to get a mainboard using the Z790 chipset. Besides overclocking options not present in B760, the main difference is the half-bandwidth of the DMI link between the CPU and the chipset, from 8x to 4x. This affects the number of peripheral devices that the B760 chipset can handle.

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2 thoughts on “Asus TUF Gaming B760-PLUS WIFI D4 Mainboard Review – Z690/DDR5 or B760/DDR4?

  1. Sorry, but those numbers cannot be correct. B760 has no OC, enforced power limits, thus 241W to the CPU for a max of 56 seconds.
    That would explain the VRM and CPU temps, because with that VRM, that cooler, and 350+W into the CPU, the VRM and CPU temps would not be that low even on Mars.

    1. I have powenetics measuring CPU power consumption in real-time, throughout all tests. In gaming, the PSU doesn’t have to go full power, while in apps the difference is 10%! So the numbers are correct, yes.

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