GTX1630: Nvidia’s strange sense of humour

It was meant to be a serious News article. Yes, it was really meant to be. I admit that I tried too much. Really tried. I even wrote a test article. But… But… I just couldn’t do it. My inner self couldn’t let me do it. I was torturing myself for too long, to write seriously about this Card. Unfortunately, all my efforts went down the road. As a Hardware Busters member who respects his audience, I can’t see things like these and just let them be.

So, dear Nvidia what the heck, were you thinking of? What kind of a joke is GTX 1630? And I hope it is a joke, because otherwise I don’t know what else, I should assume. How came to release a GPU like this, in such a high MSRP? Do you believe that it was the right call? A Card that even the old enough GTX 1050Ti could beat in almost every aspect? Ok, I understand that you released RTX 3050 and almost noone cared. But you were just lucky, because there was AMD’s 6500XT, that was undoubtly a bad product. 6500XT was so bad that even RX 6400 made more sense and noone said something wrong about it. And you just said “How can I release something worse“? And you really did.

You took whatever had in your trash and you made an ill Frankenstein Card with every unnecessary material you could find. And Voila! GTX 1630! A bad Graphics Card at a price of a decent one. A waste of… What! So please, my dear Nvidia. Think better next time. Think that we, your customers, are not just wallets. We demand the money we spend worth the products you offer. That’s fair business. And you are in the game for too long, to be aware of it. Please, be more reasonable next time and offer a product in its right price. We are already tired of a serious GPU (and not only) Crisis. Don’t tire us more.

I really hope that you learnt by your mistakes this time, and we won’t have something similar in the future. But my friends still call me “Optimist” and a “Dreamer“. Just prove them wrong for your sake.

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