AMD Radeon RX 7600 Performance, Power Analysis & Noise Output

Part Analysis

You have to deal with many screws to take apart the card completely. The process is straightforward, though.

PCB photos, front and business side. The PCB is small but uses two power controllers! One for the GPU and the second for the RAM voltages.

The Navi 33 GPU.

The caps behind the GPU ensure smooth operation at transient loads.

The backplate protects the PCB and also assists in its cooling.

The small heatsink has two heatpipes running across it.

The cooling fans are by Delta Electronics, and their model number is AUB0812VD-00.

The HDMI and DP ports.

The GPU (VDDCR_GFX) is powered through six power phases, while two power phases handle the VDD_SOC. On Semiconductor provides the DrMOS handling all power phases, and their model time is NCP302155. Each can handle up to 55A, and the maximum switching frequency reaches 2 MHz. The pair of power phases handling the VSOC uses an equal number of NCP302045 which can handle up to 45A.


An International Rectifier IR35217 controls all power phases handling the GPU.


An NCP81022 handles the RAM power phases, VDDCI_MEM and VDD_MEM.

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