Starfield Performance & Power Analysis: AMD vs. NVIDIA

Frame Rates

The game’s engine is taxing, so you need a strong GPU to play it at Ultra settings and with decent frames. Even the mighty RTX 4090 meets its master at 4K, unable to deliver above 80 FPS, while the 7900 XT is “stuck” at 60 FPS. The RTX 4060 Ti and the RX 7600 cannot reach 60 FPS even at HD resolution, with the “Ultra” preset. With FSR 2 enabled, the RX 7600 gained close to 5 FPS at UHD but still is below 30 FPS.

In the 1% low FPS region, only the RTX 4090 achieves to keep the pace above the 60 FPS mark at 4K. This game is a GPU toaster!

GPU Power Consumption

System Power Consumption

GPU Load

While AMD’s GPUs are pushed close to their maximum, this is not true for NVIDIA’s GPUs. This means there is plenty of room for optimization code for NV’s GPUs to increase performance.

Fan Speed

The previous generation RX 6900 XT is quite noisy. The lower utilization in NV’s GPUs means lower thermal loads, hence their fans don’t have to spin fast.

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