Messing with Browsers: Part 2

This is the second part of my Browsers testing. The first part you can read it, here. As I already stated in the first part, I test six popular Browsers in three categories. Performance, Security, Privacy. The three ones that I test in the last part is OperaGX, Vivaldi and Tor Browser Bundle. Let’s see how they perform in my tests.


Opera is one of the most popular Browsers. It is based on Chromium, as well. OperaGX is its Gaming brother. No RGB, unfortunately. So, no more fps, sadly. It is the Browser with more gaming features and the sleakest design. Testing is on its way.


OperaGX manages to impress with its UI. It has a modern design and necessary features for a Gamer. Its performance also is steady. Didn’t notice any lags and do as is promises. Moreover, I loved its CPU, RAM, etc add-ons and app features like Discord. I couldn’t ask for more, as a Gamer.

Score: 8½/10


OperaGX is also a stable and secure Browser. Site isolation and integrated Sandboxing works well. At least, at the same level as the other Browsers, I tested. Still some shady sites and urls manage to trick it. So, you must be cautious. Especially, in the Gaming world.

Score: 8/10


And here comes the usual problem, as with many Browsers. It seems to take care of your personal data. But, this is only for the Sites you visit. That depends by your Settings, of course. You see, OperaGX by default has special ads and offers, Gaming related. So, it seems to build a profile of you, in order to give you the best it can offer. For some of us, this might be interesting. But still, I think, is a Privacy issue. As I already mention, that depends on you.

Score: 7½/10


Vivaldi isn’t as popular as the other Browsers, I tested. Still is a very nice Browser which you should check, if you would like to. It is developed by former members of Opera team. That’s why they named it Vivaldi, I guess, the famous Opera Composer. Is it as good at my testing as Antonio was in Music?


I have to admit that Vivaldi managed to impress me, with its performance. It was steady, customisable and user-friendly. That really made me wonder, why it isn’t more popular. If you got bored of the Big 3 Browsers, you should really check it out. It won’t disappoint you.

Score: 8/10


Vivaldi was performed quite well on my testing. Not better, not worse than the others, at least. It really could be better but that would depend mostly by the user. I can’t be too strict, by the time it performed as well as the others.

Score: 8/10


Vivaldi has the same Privacy level as its user. That means that if you set it well, then it would treat you well. It doesn’t have any tricky settings or tactics. Still I would trust FireFox more for its privacy.

Score: 8/10

Tor Browser

Tor Browser Bundle or simply TBB. It is a Browser famous for its privacy as well for the dark side. It is one of the Browsers, the most popular at least, for entering Deep/Dark Web. But I won’t write more, because that’s not the purpose of this article. It relies on the Tor Network or Protocol, to achieve this. If you want to learn more you can visit its Official Page. Let’s find out how it performs in my “deep” testings.


That’s the sad side of the Browser. You see anonymity and privacy, comes at a cost. It is based on FireFox. Actually, a modified version of Firefox focused on privacy and utilizing Tor Network. So, performance is not its strong selling point. If you seek performance you should really look for something else.

Score: 6½/10


Let’s clear something out. As it is clearly stated, Tor Browser is focused on Anonymity. That means Privacy not necessarily Security. And in privacy, performs well. It does well, what promises it does. So, has a good level of security, if you won’t set something you shouldn’t. It comes out of the box with all the necessary settings and add-ons. In addition, if you follow the rules and piece of advice given by its official page, you are in good hands. Just have in mind, that is not a toy. Be cautious and don’t change settings you don’t know.

Score: 8/10


Here comes the strong point of the Browser. You see relying on the Tor Network is a big advantage. It already scores a very good privacy score. If you won’t change something you shouldn’t and use some common sense, then you have almost a perfect private Browser. At least, the best you could achieve by a Browser. Have in mind that there a lot of disadvantages and things you should be cautious of. But, this might be a subject for anothet article, as well.

Score: 9½/10


I tested six Browsers in two different parts and at 3 categories. I saw the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Please note, that you shouldn’t focus on the added score of each one, e.g. 24/30. That’s not the point. The point is to see objectively which one is better at one category than the other. And that wouldn’t be achieved if I had them as a whole added score. I still didn’t have in the list Browsers like Brave, etc and gave only some basic info. Maybe Brave and Tor Browser have an article dedicated to them.

But what’s your opinion? Do you use another Browser? Would you like to see another one? Do you think I was unfair?

Feel free to comment in our comments section or our Forum.

PS: If you want to check the Browsers without installing them, then consider to do so by their portable versions. Most of them, you can find in Just note there are some disadvantages. Still is a good way to try before you buy.

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4 thoughts on “Messing with Browsers: Part 2

  1. What an interesting topic.
    Testing browsers and their security!!
    Personally nowadays , i mostly use the “AVG Secure browser” .
    i use AVG internet security package ,and one day i thought “”why not check their browser also””.
    Since then i liked this browser so much for its performance and its interface and i installed on several PCs(even older PCs at work) , but about its security , i’m very curious how this browser performs security-wise.
    Hope you test it one day …

    1. Hi, and thank u very much for your comment. I didn’t know that AVG had its own Browser, to be honest. But if I recall well, in the past, it had AVG Secure Search, which was its own Search Engine. I didn’t have the best impression for their Search Engine, back then, at least. Thanx for your recommendation. I already note it, and I would try to bring you results as fast as possible. It got my attention. I hope it is better than their Search Engine.

      1. i’ll be waiting for feedback lol !!
        As i said , personally i love it and prefer it over the other more famous browsers
        ( especially at my work PCs which are still with windows 7 , i think that the AVG browser is much faster than the others)

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