XPG Nidec Vento Pro 120 PWM Fan Review

Output Noise

I use a Class 1 Bruel & Kjaer 2270 G4 sound analyzer equipped with a Type 4955a microphone with a dBA-weighted dynamic range of below 6 dBA and up to 110 dBA. All tests are conducted inside a hemi-anechoic chamber with close to 6 dBA noise floor and at 25–28 °C ambient. The test subject is placed a meter from the sound analyzer.

Full & 70% Speed

Speed (Percentage) – Noise

I use a different setup to drive the fan for noise measurements, so there might be a difference in the readings of the Longwin machine, especially in the max fan speed reading.

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3 thoughts on “XPG Nidec Vento Pro 120 PWM Fan Review

  1. hello, thanks for sharing your insight and test on fans… I love this fan… the only issue I have is the ball bearing noise… my questions is: is the noise lower on PWN or DC mode? thanks in advance!!

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