XPG Nidec Vento Pro 120 PWM Fan Review


The XPG Nidec Vento Pro 120 PWM fan doesn’t pack any bells n’ whistles. It is a fan for users who seek pure performance and don’t need or don’t want to pay extra money for RGB lighting. I know that many people love RGB-lit fans, but some users need extra-reliable fans for harsh environments and workstations where looks is not a priority.

In the normalized performance tests that matter the most, the Nidec Vento Pro 120 PWM achieves high performance in all sections, clearly showing that its design optimizes airflow and static pressure, as XPG claims. Moreover, thanks to the dual ball bearings, the fan’s reliability is increased, achieving an impressive 60,000 hours MTTF (mean time to failure) at 60 ℃, indicating that this fan is ideal for use under extra-tough conditions, where fluid dynamic bearing fans would soon fail. Given the highly durable bearing, XPG could offer an even more extended warranty, but this would be for purely marketing purposes.

Regarding fan protection features, XPG states that the fan will auto-restart if something goes wrong without providing detailed information. I learned through an error during voltage selection that the fan can be killed if you somehow manage to apply more than 20V at its input. So, I wonder if Nidec (and the rest of the manufacturers) could provide over-voltage protection. Yes, most desktop power supplies include over voltage protection, but an extra protection layer is always welcome!

All in all, 21 dollars is a fair price for this fan, which provides the best possible performance while keeping noise output low. I want a lower rotation speed using a PWM signal since 940-960 RPM at 10% PWM is still high. To lower PRM, you must control the fan through a DC signal by reducing its voltage input). A formidable opponent to the XPG Nidec Vento Pro 120 PWM is the excellent Phanteks T30-120, which is more expensive, going for nine dollars more.



  • Fair price given its specifications
  • Good build quality
  • Extra long lifetime
  • Good performance in both airflow and static pressure
  • Daisy chain option
  • Low power consumption of the fan’s motor
  • PWM control
  • Rubber dampers for lower noise output
  • Long extension cable provided (450mm)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lower than 900RPM speeds are not possible through PWM control
  • Lack of RGB might be a problem for some users
  • Increased power consumption compared to fans using other bearing types


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3 thoughts on “XPG Nidec Vento Pro 120 PWM Fan Review

  1. hello, thanks for sharing your insight and test on fans… I love this fan… the only issue I have is the ball bearing noise… my questions is: is the noise lower on PWN or DC mode? thanks in advance!!

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