Seasonic Magflow 120mm Cooling Fan Review – ReCheck!


The Seasonic MagFlow 120mm is the first fan from this brand and the first fan I had “officially” reviewed using my Longwin fan testing machine. Now that I have tested numerous fans, I am in the position to deliver a more complete evaluation of this product, and this is why I decided to re-test it.

In overall performance, the MagFlow doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Its maximum airflow and static pressure face strong competition, but you cannot call its performance mediocre. It is satisfactory, but I expect more from such an expensive fan. It seems the cost increased sustainably because of the magnetic daisy-chain option that this fan features. Performance-wise, at low and moderate fan speeds, static pressure stays behind most competing offerings. With an asking price exceeding 30 dollars at the time of the review, it is hard for me to recommend this product from the moment better-performing fans can be found at lower prices: The Phanteks T30-120 and the Super Flower Megacool.


To check all alternative fan offerings, read my Best Cooling Fans article before investing in new cooling solutions. You help me a lot by using my affiliate links, which don’t increase the product’s price. I get a commission from Amazon every time you do it, which can make a difference for me, especially now that I am on my own, working exclusively for my media and not for someone else.



  • High build quality
  • PWM control
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Fully modular design
  • Decent performance
  • Daisy chain option
  • Rich bundle
  • Rubber dampers for lower noise output
  • Expensive
  • Low static pressure at low and mid-speeds
  • Min fan speed at >630 RPM
  • Lack of RGB might be a problem for some users


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