EKWB EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB AIO Review – Great Performance

The EK Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB is an expensive high-end AIO, that promises top performance and easy installation. It also features ARGB lighting, to help your chassis look nicer! Read the full review to see how the Nucleus fares against competiting offerings by Cooler Master, Deepcool and Corsair

The EK Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB is on the expensive side of the 360 AIOs. Its high build quality, the FPT fans, the ARGB lighting, and the meticulously designed package partially justify the increased price tag. If performance is as good as promised, the Nucleus will be on the right track. Although EK is mostly into custom water cooling solutions, it decided to offer something for users who don’t want to dive deep into this section with the Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB AIO.

With a quick look, the product screams quality, with the reinforced sleeved rubber tubing and the fittings hidden on the radiator by a cover, which aligns with the installed fans. Speaking of the fans, I reviewed this model and found it to have increased static pressure required for radiators. It uses an actual fluid dynamic bearing, providing a long lifetime, but I cannot say I was impressed by the noise output with the fans mounted on the radiator. Anyway, this is just the prologue, and I don’t want to reveal everything, so let’s move to the technical specs and the rest of the review to learn more.


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Technical Specifications:
  • Model name: EK Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB
  • Color: Black
  • Socket Support: Intel 1700 / 1200 / 1150 / 1151 / 1155 / 1156 / 1200, / 2011 / 2011-3 / 2066
  • Socket Support: AMD AM5 / AM4
  • Radiator dimensions (L x W x H): 400 x 124 x 27 mm
  • Radiator Material: Aluminum
  • Block base: Copper
  • Usable Tube Length (as measured): 355mm
  • Pump dimensions (L x W x H): 82.3 x 69.2 x 61.6 mm
  • Pump Speed Range: 3100 RPM ± 10%
  • Pump PWM Range: 20 – 100%
  • Pump Unit RGB Type: 5V Digital (Addressable)
  • Pump Connector: 4-Pin
  • Pump Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Number of Fans: 3x
  • Fan Models: EK Loop Fan FPT 120 D-RGB
  • Bearing Type: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Fan ARGB: ✓
  • Fan Daisy Chain: ✓
  • Fan Speed: 550 – 2300 ± 10%
  • Fan Airflow: 77 CFM (Max)
  • Fan Air Pressure: 2.7 mmH₂O (Max)
  • Fan MTTF: 60,000 hours @ 25℃
  • Max Noise Output: 36.0 dB(A)
  • Fan Connector: 4-pin PWM
  • Street Price (excl. VAT): $158
  • Warranty: 5 years
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2 thoughts on “EKWB EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB AIO Review – Great Performance

  1. Hi thanks for the review.
    I hesitate between CM Atmos and the EK Water Blocks EK-Nucleus CR360 Dark version.
    The fans are not RGB, the performance should be better?

    1. Both are very good. If I remember correctly the Atmos is slightly better in performance, but I like the true daisy chain of the Nucleus fans.

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