EKWB EK-Loop Fan FPT 120 D-RGB White Fan Review

Box, Contents & Bundle

The box has a photo of the product on its face, with the ARGB lighting active. You will find them on its back side if you need more details. The protection it provides is good.

The bundle includes the following:

  • Fan screws (4x)
  • Cable extender (PWM+RGB)

The white color looks nice and will be a great match for the same colored chassis. EK-OmniLink allows the daisy chaining of multiple fans, making cable design easier. It uses micro-fit 8-pin connectors.

The rubber corners reduce vibrations, which can lead to annoying noise output.

According to EK, the fan’s full pressure technology (FPT) will ensure full contact with an AIO’s radiator, preventing air from escaping and increasing the static pressure.

See the grooves inside the bearing? These move the lubricant up to the bearing, ensuring its good operation. These grooves are a clear evidence that the fan’s bearing is of fluid dynamic type and it is nice from EK that it provides this photos in the product’s page.

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