Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC Cooling Fan Review

The Mobius 120 OC is the flagship fan of the line, utilizing double ball bearings for increased lifetime and high airflow, thanks to the maximum speed of 3200 RPM. Cooler Master is so confident of this product, that backs it up with a lifetime warranty! 

I continue hitting hard on the fan reviews to justify the huge bucks I paid for the Longwin machine. In this episode, I will show you the Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC. This is the only fan I have evaluated featuring a lifetime warranty! The warranty applies to the original buyer, and it is not transferable. Still, it is impressive, to say the least.

The Mobius 120 OC uses interconnecting fan blades, called ring blade design, which according to CM, eliminate vibrations, leading to a more stable operation. There is also a fan speed toggle through which you can set the fan speed to three levels: low, mid, and high. Moreover, the motor hub is made of metal for increased performance and enhanced durability.


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On Amazon, the Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC costs $35, making it even more expensive than the Phanteks T30-120. Given the lifetime warranty, I can understand the price difference.


Technical Specifications:
  • Model Name: Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC
  • Model Number(s): MFZ-M2NN-32NPK-R1
  • Fan Speed: L: 0-1500 ± 200 RPM, M: 0-2400 ± 250 RPM, H: 0-3200 ± 10% RPM
  • Fan Airflow: L: 42.2 CFM, M: 65.5 CFM, H: 88.1 CFM
  • Fan Noise Level: L: 17.4 dBA, M: 31.1 dBA, H: 39.3 dBA
  • Fan Bearing Type: Two Ball Bearing
  • Fan Pressure: L: 1.19 mmH₂O, M: 2.76 mmH₂O, H: 4.75 mmH₂O
  • Fan MTTF: >200,000 Hours
  • Fan Connector: 4-Pin PWM (with speed control line)
  • Fan Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Fan Rated Current: L: 0.10A, M: 0.20A, H: 0.35A
  • Fan Safety Current: 0.5A
  • Fan Power Consumption: L: 1.20W, M: 2.40W, H: 4.20W
  • Fan Weight: 214g
  • Type: Case Fan
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm
  • Warranty: Lifetime
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3 thoughts on “Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC Cooling Fan Review

  1. Compared to the Phanteks T30, this one has a pathetic throttle range. Sure the Phantek’s mode switch is harder to get to, but you never need to switch it if the highest speed mode goes all the way down to 300 RPM with 4-wire control.

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