be quiet! Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM Fan Review


The be quiet! Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM is a low-speed but high-quality fan, ideal for systems where noise output has to be minimized. Its airflow is high, given the low speed that it is achieved, but the static pressure is low, making this fan inadequate for use in cooling solutions, radiators, or heatsinks. That said, the improvement over the previous model (Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM) is notable, with a 27.42% increase in static pressure and an almost similar (24.4%) increase in airflow. The Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM is a bit noisier than the previous model, but a 1.8 dBA increase will pass unnoticed by all users.

If you want an ultra-reliable and silent fan to use for a system where noise has to be kept as low as possible, the Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM looks to be a good choice. I will also try to get my hands on the high-speed version, which is better suited for cooling solutions.






  • Good build quality
  • Low noise output
  • Good airflow (for its speed)
  • PWM control
  • Wide enough fan speed control range (350-1170RPM)
  • Rubber dampers for lower noise output
  • Expensive
  • No daisy chain option
  • Not high enough static pressure for cooling solutions


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