be quiet! Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM Fan Review

The be quiet! Silent Wings 4 140mm focuses on low noise output, while keeping performance at decent levels. You cannot expect of course from a silent fan to offer top airflow and static pressure, some compromises have to be made. 

The be quiet! Silent Wings 4 line consists of high-quality fans, focusing on low noise output. The noise output remains low thanks to the 6-pole fan motor, the fluid dynamic bearing, and the low rotational speeds. be quiet! suggests these fans for radiators, heatsinks, and cases despite the low speeds. After I have finished all testing sessions, I will have a clear image of their performance, so it will be easy to suggest the best usage scenarios.

There are two major lines: Silent Wings Pro 4 and Silent Wings 4. The first comes in two flavors, 140mm, and 120mm, while the last comes in six versions:

  • 140mm PWM high-speed
  • 140mm PWM
  • 140mm
  • 120mm PWM high-speed
  • 120mm PWM
  • 120mm


I will check the Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM in this review, which can spin up to  1100 RPM only, while its high-speed sibling can go up to 1900 RPM, making it more suitable for cooling solutions.

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Official Technical Specifications:
  • Model Name: Silent Wings 140mm PWM
  • Fan Speed PWM: 250 – 1170 RPM
  • Fan Airflow: 51.3 CFM
  • Static Pressure: 0.92 mm-H2O
  • Fan Noise Level: 13.6 dBA (Max)
  • Bearing durability: 300,000 hrs@ 25℃
  • Fan Bearing Type: Rifle Bearing
  • Fan Connector: 4-Pin PWM
  • Operating Voltage: 5 – 13.2 VDC
  • Fan Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Fan Rated Current: 0.12A
  • Fan Rated Wattage: 1.44W
  • Fan Weight: 220gr
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 140 x 140 x 25mm
  • Daisy-Chain Capable: No
  • Cable length: 500mm
  • Connector: 4-Pin PWM
  • Price (excluding VAT): 24.9€ / $24.9
  • Warranty: 5-years
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