Arctic BioniX P120 Fan Review


The Arctic BioniX P120 has the desired daisy-chain option, but performance-wise, it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, especially at static pressure, where it should be good, according to Arctic’s claims. I would choose the P12 Max every day of the week, although it doesn’t have the daisy-chain option since it is powerful and it beats the crap out of the BioniX in the normalized noise tests. Indeed, the latter looks way better, but the most important in PC parts is performance, with looks being lower on my list.

As you can see in the charts above, static pressure is low and non-competitive. On the other hand, the P12 Max performs way better, especially at 25 dBA. I should note the excellent performance of the Thermaltake Toughfan 12 Pro, which I forgot to include in the P12 Max review, but I do include it here after some user comments.

Indeed, the Arctic BioniX P120 is affordable, offering a nice look and good build quality, along with an extra-long warranty (six years). Still, I don’t see any reason to select it over the P12 Max, which is more affordable and performs better. On top of that, the P12 Max uses a double ball bearing, which is highly tolerant to high operating temperatures.


To check all alternative fan offerings, read my Best Cooling Fans article before investing in new cooling solutions. You help me a lot by using my affiliate links, which don’t increase the product’s price. I get a commission from Amazon every time you do it, which can make a difference for me, especially now that I am on my own, working exclusively for my media and not for someone else.


  • Affordable
  • Its design is effective enough in keeping noise output low
  • Good build quality
  • Daisy-chain option
  • Low power consumption
  • PWM control
  • Rubber anti-vibration pads
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Wide enough speed range (410 – 2100 RPM)
  • Long, fully sleeved, and flexible power cable
  • Six-year warranty
  • Low static pressure
  • Lack of RGB might be a problem for some users

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8 thoughts on “Arctic BioniX P120 Fan Review

  1. Thanks Aris
    – If you could include every fans you reviewed even RGB in the charts. Even if a fan doesn’t go at 30-35-40 dBA in normalised noise or difference in cost. I often link the RPM/FCM/PRESSURE in forums. Making my life easier instead of searching old articles for the complete data.
    – Could you add on all reviews page 1 (fans, psu, watercooling etc) the release date of the product.

    Arctic BioniX P120 (2018) : dBA 25 – 1.09mmAq – 41.94CFM
    Arctic P12 PWM PST (2018) : dBA 25 – 1.42mmAq – 44.95CFM
    Arctic P12 Max (2022) : dBA 25 – 1.72mmAq – 48.04CFM

      1. I also like the idea; I create a spreadsheet of all your reviews for data processing and it certainly would help for error checking on my end.

      2. Images of graphs/tables containing for example this information:

        PSU: Noise output / overall performance 115-230v.
        FANS: RPM/FCM/PRESSURE/POWER 20-25-30-35-40-45 dBA
        CPU: Power consumption/Max Temp/Gaming relative performance/All the cinebench;3mark etc comparison
        GPU: Noise/Heat/Clocks Speeds & OC/Power consumption

        The main thing is that it is digestible and easily understandable for readers.

        And in the images a little change on the top right side: / Logo
        Updated 03/02/2024 / ^
        lower is better etc on the usual spot

        Because when I share the pictures many don’t recognize the logo, it’s a shame.
        I want your hard work, and other proofreader,cowoker to be recognized.

        1. Thank you! I will try to work on these graphs, although I am all alone in these reviews, have so many other things going on, in general I am trying my best to keep up but this doesn’t always happen 🙁

  2. Hi~
    First of all thank you for your professional testing!!
    I learned a lot from the reviews of P12 MAX and BioniX P120
    But what’s surprising is that the performance gap between BioniX P120 is so big, it’s almost equal to P12 or even worse?!

    looking forward to other product reviews next time.

    Best regards,

  3. Indeed, I use the 13600k with Freezer eSports 34 DUO. The performance of this CPU cooler really does not disappoint.

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