be quiet! Dark Power 13 850W PSU Review – Impressive Efficiency, Dead Silent & Decent Performance

Part Analysis

General Data
Manufacturer (OEM) FSP
PCB Type Double-Sided
Primary Side
Transient Filter 4x Y caps, 3x X caps, 2x CM chokes, 1x MOV (TVR14561), 2x Gas Discharge Tubes (SMD)
Inrush Protection NTC Thermistor (SCK-056, 5Ohm) & Relay
Rectifier MOSFETs
4x STMicroelectronics STB57N65M (650V, 26.5A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 0.063Ohm)
2x Infineon IPA60R120P7 (650V, 16A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 0.12Ohm)
APFC Boost Diode
2x CREE C3D06060A(600V, 6A @ 154°C)
Bulk Cap(s)
1x Nippon Chemi-Con (420V, 470uF, 2000h @ 105°C, KMZ)
1x Nippon Chemi-Con (420V, 330uF, 2000h @ 105°C, KMR)
Main Switchers
4x A&O AOTF190A60L (600V, 12A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 0.19Ohm)

IC Driver

2x Novosense Micro Labs NSi6602

APFC Controller
Infineon ICE2PCS02
Resonant Controller Champion CM6901T2X
Primary side: Bridgless APFC, Full-Bridge & LLC converter
Secondary side: Synchronous Rectification & DC-DC converters
Secondary Side
+12V MOSFETs 6x Toshiba TPHR8504PL (40V, 100A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 1.4mOhm)
5V & 3.3V DC-DC Converters: 6x Infineon BSC0901NS (30V, 94A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 1.9mOhm)
PWM Controller(s): uPI UP3861P
Filtering Capacitors Electrolytic:
6x Nippon Chemi-Con (2-5,000 @ 105°C, KZE)
2x Rubycon (1-5,000 @ 105°C, ZL)
2x Rubycon (6-10000 @ 105°C, ZLH)
Polymer: 12x Chemi-Con, 22x FPCAP
Supervisor IC Weltrend WT7527RA (OVP, UVP, OCP, SCP, PG)
Fan Controller APW9010
Fan Model be quiet! Silent Wings BQ SIW3-13525-HF (140mm, 12V, 0.56A, Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan)
5VSB Circuit
1x CET CEB04N7G FET (700V, 4A, Rds(on): 3.3Ohm
1x Infineon BSC0901NS FET (30V, 94A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 1.9mOhm)
1x P15L50N5 SBR (50V, 15A)

This high-end FSP platform uses a bridgeless APFC converter, a full-bridge topology, and an LLC resonant converter to achieve top efficiency levels. The build quality is high, with good parts, and the soldering quality is pretty good. All capacitors are by Japanese manufacturers, Chemi-Con and Rubycon, ensuring the PSU’s longevity, even under harsh operating conditions. The cooling fan is also high-quality, using a fluid dynamic bearing.

With a quick look at the PCB, you can easily find the advantage of the increased dimensions. There is so much space between the parts to allow for good airflow, especially on the secondary side. The two small heatsinks in front of the main transformer are for the 12V FETs installed on the PCB’s solder side. The VRMs handling the minor rails are on a daughter board also hosting the supervisor IC. The cooling fan doesn’t have a frame to improve airflow, which makes the disassembly process tougher. Not that this matters for future buyers since you should not try to break apart your PSU unless you are trained to do so.

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